Gettin Started

Welcome folks to Jak & his Beanstalk! To get this blog started, I'll kick it off with a few heavy hittin' electro tracks, for I am one of electros biggest fans. Enjoy.

SebastiAn - H.A.L. (Capt & Cooked Remix) -- Capt & Cooked did a number on SebastiAn's Threnody a couple months back and boy, did they do banging remix again. Will definitely make your head bop.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano -- If you've seen The Talented Mr. Ripley, you will have heard the original of this song sung in a karaoke song. It's good, but this remix is way better.

Gooseflesh - Still Wild (Iron Toyz) -- French electro group called the Iron Toyz remixes this tune, giving its catchy vocals an edgy electronic sound. My favorite of the bunch.

Carte Blanche - In the Mix -- A real keeper.

Pornopink - French Ballad -- To cap it off this last song includes a rich melodic piano variation that meshes extremely well with its electronic counterpart. If you love the sound of piano, then you will absolutely love this song. I surely do.