SebastiAn - TOTAL

SebastiAn, already a legend in the game, has just released his long awaited album TOTAL. It's got funky beats with songs like Love In Motion (ft. Mayer Hawthorne) and Arabest, hard hitting electro through Yes and Motor, and to simply put, amazing electronica with C.T.F.O (Ft. M.I.A) and Yes. This is a bold statement I'm about to make, but it's the best album I've heard from beginning to end since Justice's 2007, Cross. Electro has been losing its originality with many producers achieving success with a formulaic template. The "it all sounds the same" syndrome. But with this album, SebastiAn transcends all electro producers, establishing a new standard for future producers. His songs invalidate the electro-hater's argument that its sound is unoriginal. Here's the support:

SebastiAn - Arabest ------> removed by request
 SebastiAn - Arabest by SoundLogik 

SebastiAn - C.T.F.O (ft. M.I.A)

SebastiAn - Love in Motion (ft. Mayer Hawthorne)

SebastiAn - Yes
SebastiAn - Yes by ME AND MY SPEAKERS